What actually is a wordpress plugin for?

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What actually is a wordpress plugin for?

How is my beautiful tubes? Does it helps you to show your video on your post? There are lots of great features you can get from this fantastic plugin. If you like it then please help me to introduce the plugin to your friend as well. Ok, so come back to my question of the day, why do we need a wordpress plugin?

Why do we need a wordpress plugin?

Actually if you are good in programming especially in PHP, then you can directly do the coding in the functions.php file for various additional functions you think you need but is not provided by the theme you are using right now. Plugin is just like an additional function written by a programmer to do a certain action which is not yet been written in the functions.php file. The good of using plugin instead of directly write your code into the functions.php file is that you can use that new function in any theme instead of just that particular theme. Another good thing about using a plugin is if you have made a mistake in your coding then all you need to do is just to deactivate that particular plugin without obstructing the performance of other functions on your theme.

No plugin is perfect

You will always see some conflict between a plugin and the theme you are using, sometime is due to the width problem and sometime is due to the performance of that plugin with different theme. All these things will happen even to those famous plugins develop by experience developers. If your theme does not works well with a particular plugin then maybe you would like to try the other one instead. For me, all the plugins on wordpress are great plugins but it just happen that sometime a theme you are using does not work well with that plugin so it is up to you either to change a theme or to use another plugin which works well with that theme you are using right now.

Write to me and tell me your problem

Basically my plugin works well on most of the famous themes so I am not worry about the issue above. If you can’t get my plugin to work, write an email to me and I will help you out. The email link is on the top of every posts (do you see the envelope icon?), so just go ahead and tell me your problem and I will help you to get my plugins to work on your blog.

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