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My beautiful tubes version 1.6.6

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The Google Analytics tracking feature has been included in version 1.6.6, just click on ‘Analytics’ tab under the dashboard sidebar and then paste your own Google Analytics code into the text box and click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to activate the tracking code. Besides Google Analytics, this new feature should works well with other analytic codes as well, what it does is to insert the analytic code before the closing tag of HTML code to track the stats of your blog traffic.

Here are the changes on version 1.6.5
1) Full screen video mode is disabled for old version of video embedding code with object tag.
2) Your video will only show on the single post instead of on the home page.

New features includes
1) All those previous social sharing button shortcodes have been simplified to only become one, in order to show a group of social sharing buttons (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Digg), all you need is to insert below shortcode into your post

and you should be able to see the below group of social sharing buttons within that post


2) Embedding video using the below shortcode, just replace the value of youtubeurl, width and height inside this shortcode accordingly. This new video embedding code is the latest embedding format from youtube.

The outcome of this shortcode is as below

[youtubeV youtubeurl="" width="350" height="300" show="yes"]

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My beautiful tubes version 1.7.3

My beautiful tubes version 1.7.3

my beautiful tubes 1.6.6 compatibles up to wordpress 3.0.5 only?

Let me explain to you why this happen…

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